• Producer/Shooter/Editor working closely with independent, non-profit, and corporate clients
• Experienced in handheld vérité, interview, and studio shooting
• Edits with Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro 7, and Final Cut Pro X

Lauren focuses on stories that reflect a wide range of human experience. She was recently co-editor of the PBS web series Music Makes a City Now and editor of The Long Ride, a documentary about the first Immigrant Workers’ Freedom Ride. She also helped cut 4 Wheel Bob, the story of a man’s attempt to cross the Sierras in a wheelchair. Her cinematography credits include An Acquired Taste: The Journey of Young Locavore Hunters and the Emmy-nominated Symphony for Nature: Britt Orchestra at Crater Lake where Klamath drummers and classical musicians converge to perform a world-premiere inspired by Oregon's stunning Crater Lake. Currently, Lauren is editing a documentary about Thomas Merton’s contribution to Buddhism in the West and co-directing The Girl That Got Away, the story of a 64 year-old transgender actor who must choose between her career and living her life as a woman.

As co-owner of the production company Fine Grain Pictures, Lauren creates content for forward-thinking organizations and focuses on the environment, social justice, and the arts through long and short-form documentary. Lauren graduated from Brown University with a B.A. in History and Mills College with a Masters in Education. She taught in Bay Area public schools for six years before studying filmmaking at San Francisco State University. She is based in Berkeley.